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What is FlipTalk?

FlipTalk is a new, easy to use, hilariously fun iPhone App. Easily record your voice, and play it back flipped backwards. That’s a FlipTalk!

The best part comes next...

Practice speaking the backwards FlipTalk and then record it. When you play the new recording flipped backwards, do you end up with the same phrase you started with? How good of a FlipTalker are you?

Fun and easy!

You will definitely get a laugh.

Make it a game where you pass it around among friends and try to decipher what the other is saying.

Or post your FlipTalks to Facebook and take the game worldwide!

Post your voice to Facebook!
Post a funny or meaningful message to your friends' Facebook pages, right in your own voice. It plays right on the Facebook page! Say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or I Love You! The possibilities are endless.

You can send the same messages via email too! Send jumbled messages or funny recordings to your friends. Trade back and forth to see who is the best FlipTalker.


✔ Play your recording Forward and Flipped
✔ Undo your previous recording if you mess up
✔ Post your FlipTalks to Facebook
✔ Share your FlipTalks via email
✔ Save your FlipTalks to the Favorites
✔ Example phrases show you how easy it is